Zuppa Minestrone 7.95

A thick, hearty broth with healthy fresh vegetables and pasta


Brushetta 9.95

Pan bread topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil & parmesan


Artichoke hearts 9.95

Sauteed with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, white wine & pesto


Calamari 12.95

Sauteed with vine ripened tomatoes, cucumber, olive, caper & lemon vinagrette


Pan Bread 4.75

Served with black olive pesto or grilled with garlic butter


Steamed Clams 15.95

With white wine, onions, tomatoes & fresh oregano


Baked Garlic 12.95

Served warm with goat cheese, bread & mixed greens


Mussels 16.95

Steamed with ginger, soy sauce, sun-dried tomatoes & a touch of cream



Salads for two add $6


Caesar Salad 10.95

Crisp romaine tossed in our traditional dressing


Kitchen Salad 9.95

Crisp greens, carrots, tomatoes & cucumber with a roast tomato vinaigrette


Tomato Boccocini 13.95

Specialty salad with fresh seasonal tomatoes, italian cheese & fresh basil served with a balsamic reduction


Fresh Grilled Tuna 15.95

Grilled bell peppers, zucchini & garlic on mixed greens with a balsamic vinaigrette


Spinach 10.95

Sweet bell peppers, feta cheese & pumpkin seeds with a vinaigrette


Warm Seafood Salad 16.95

Scallops, prawns, & squid sautéed with black beens, served on crisp greens with feta cheese & lemon




Your choice of: Penne, fuseli, linguine, spaghetti / Gluten free pasta add 2.5 / Split charge 2.5

Marinara 16.95

This home-style classic dish features our secret-blend tomato sauce


Primavera 17.95

Fresh vegetables in a light cream sauce


Pesto Pasta 19.95

Virgin olive oil, fresh basil, pine nuts and parmesan with cream sauce


Carbonara 18.95

Cracked pepper, ham and egg with a touch of cream


Chicken & Italian Sausage 19.95

Sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes & roasted garlic in a tomato-basil sauce


Feta, Feta 19.95

Broccoli, spinach  & pine nuts in a light cream sauce


Tomato Bianco 24.95

Prawns, scallops & rosemary in a tomato cream sauce


Salsiccia 18.95

Spicy Italian sausage with mushrooms and onions in a rich tomato sauce


Smoked Salmon 21.95

With capers & leeks in a light cream sauce


Pescatore 24.95

Assorted seafood - Choose a tomato or cream sauce


Alfredo 16.95

The classic with a light garlic-cream sauce


Manzo Funghi 19.95

Sirloin strips, mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes in a pesto-demi cream sauce


Lasagna Della Casa 19.95

Baked layers of pasta, garden vegetables & ground beef topped with parmesan & mozzarella cheese


Santa Fe 19.95

Sauteed chicken breast, extra virgin olive oil, jalapeños, fresh cilantro, black beans, and tomatoes with feta cheese


Jambalaya 21.95

Italian sausage, chicken, prawns & peppers sautéed with a spicy marinara sauce over orzo pasta


Add meatballs 4.5

Add chicken 5.95

Add sausage 5.95

Add prawns 6.75




These choices for our young guests includes drink and scoop of Gelato

Kids Menu available for children 8 years old and under

Cheese Pizza combo 7.95

Our tasty pan bread with tomato sauce and cheese

Alfredo Pasta combo 7.95

Home-style pasta with white sauce

Spaghetti & Meatball combo 7.95 

Home-style pasta with tomato sauce

Mac & Cheese combo 7.95

Need we say more. Try our classic macaroni.




Veal Parmigiana 26.00

An Italian Kitchen favourite - topped with tomato basil sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese plus seasonal vegetables and pasta pomodoro

Pollo Parmigiana 24.00

Breaded chicken breast topped with tomato basil sauce, parmesan & mozzarella cheeses plus seasonal vegetables and roasted potato

Bistecca New York 32.00

Grilled New York Steak served with roasted potatoes adn seasonal vegetables, accompanied with your choice or sauteed mushrooms or sun-dried tomato & peppercorn sauce 

Add Prawns 6.75





New York Cheesecake 6.95

rich, dense, smooth and creamy

Creme Brule 6.95

choose from spumone, chocolate, or vanilla

Tiramisu 6.95

features espresso and liqueur soaked lady fingers with creamy cheese filling

Gelato 6.95

Spumone, chocolate, or vanilla

Chocolate Pot du Creme 5.95

intense single servings of creamy rich chocolate