This unique Mamma Mia event has a great local flavour and in fact, has some great history as Melina Moore and The Italian Kitchen go way back!  

The Italian Kitchen has done "opera nights" with Melina Moore in the past  -  many years ago and these events were a huge success as local Vernon residents lined up for great Italian food, wine, and music in one of the downtown's oldest and most historic buildings. 

The Italian Kitchen location was built in 1937 and therefore this is the 80th anniversary of this historic landmark.  The beautiful brick decor has been a restaurant for the entire 80 years.   It started in 1937 as The National Cafe until 1950 when the Anast family from Kelowna bought the site.  The Anast family then renamed it to Athens Pizza and sold two things  - Steak and Pizza  - take your pick.  This allowed the family to buy the entire block of real estate now home to the historic Towne Cinema and The Italian Kitchen Company.  

Chris Anast - building owner was recently quoted as saying: "The building may be old .. but like me - it still works" - Chris can be found strolling down the streets having coffee and checking on his tenants to this day. Anast holdings is now being managed by his nephews and is likely to stay in this well known Greek family for ever.  

The Anast Family continues to run Olympia Pizza in Rutland.  The restaurant stayed as a very successful Pizza and Steak place until 1994 when Brad Brousseau and his partner Andrew Johnson moved from Vancouver with the vision of The Italian Kitchen Company. Twenty-two years later Italian Kitchen now owned by The Pretium Restaurant Group of Vernon, BC is a local favourite.   

And here we are 22 years later still doing the same thing.   The Italian Kitchen and Melina Moore are committed to similar goals for the Arts and Culture scene in Vernon BC.  

Melina Moore loves music and the arts and continues to work with passion to ensure that Vernon continues to enjoy world calls performances in our local theatres (and horse barns at Okeefe Ranch )   and restaurants  -  Vernon should support all these events and be proud of our local talent.   

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