served from 11am until 2pm Monday-Friday

Gluten free pasta substitution $2.50


Full $12 Side $6

Choice of Daily or French Onion

Add Garlic Toast $3 Cheesy Toast $5


Add Soup or Salad $6

Grilled Mediterranean Veggie Wrap $18

Meatball Sub Baled with Mozzarella $19

Maple Peppercorn BLT $17

Polo Parmesan $20

Chicken Shawarma Wrap $19

Bollo Bread Baked with Mozzarella $16


Add Bacon $4 Chicken $6 Seared Salmon $7

Caesar Salad

Full $15 Half $11 Side $6

House Salad

Full $16 Half $11 Side $6

Caprese Salad

Full $15 Half $11


Served with rice, salad & veggies

Grilled Mediterranean Veggie $21

Grilled vegetable trio, mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion over rice topped with feta cheese & in-house made tahini sauce

Chicken Shawarma $22

Baked chicken shawarma, black beans, caramelized corn, tomato, pickled onions, mixed greens over a bed of rice topped with in-house made tahini sauce

Seared Salmon $24

Seasonal vegetables, mixed greens, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion & goat cheese over rice, topped with a creamy lemon dill sauce

Chicken Curry $22

Chicken & seasonal vegetables in a coconut curry sauce over rice with a caesar salad

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